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Version 9.6.1 Release -- What's New: 09 Jan 2020
Updated: [Awards/DL-SkyTeam] Method
Resolved: [Awards/CX-OneWorld] Method Issues
Added support for DL Enhanced Economy ("C+") and Premium Economy Awards & Seat Maps.

Version 9.6.0 Release -- What's New: 24 Dec 2019
Updated: [Awards/AC-StarAlliance] New Authentication Engine
Please review the AC Password Transition Info.
Transition: [Awards/SQ-StarAlliance] PIN to Password
Please review the SQ Password Transition Info.
Resolved: [Awards/AZ-SkyTeam], [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Awards/QF-OneWorld], [Awards/AC-StarAlliance], [Awards/NH-StarAlliance] Method Issues

[Awards/AF-SkyTeam] Method POS Options 07 Sep 2019
POS options are currently not available for this Method, due to an Engine upgrade. An updated version will be released soon.
Version 9.4.4 Release -- What's New: 07 Sep 2019
Enhanced: [Departures/Arrivals] Flight Details
Added support for intergrated Flight Details (by double-clicking a Flight Segment).
Enhanced: [Awards/M&M] POS Selection
Added support for multiple Point-of-Sale options (DE/US/CH/AT/BE/PL).
Enhanced: [Awards/JL-OneWorld] One-World Search
Added support for OneWorld Alliance searches to this Method.
Resolved: [Awards/SQ-StarAlliance], [Awards/QF-OneWorld], [Awards/AF-SkyTeam], [Awards/AS-MultiAlliance], [Awards/M&M-StarAlliance], [Fares/GOL], [Awards/CX-OneWorld], [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Awards/NH-StarAlliance], [Awards/EY], [Awards/QF-OneWorld] Method Issues

Version 9.2.7 Release -- What's New: 29 Mar 2019
Enhanced: [Awards/QF-OneWorld] POS Selection
Added support for multiple Point-of-Sale options (incl. AU/US/UK/ES/FI/JP/HK/MY).
Enhanced: [Awards/EY] POS Selection
Added support for Point-of-Sale selection based on either Origin or Destination (incl. US-origin work-around).
Resolved: [Awards/AC-StarAlliance], [Awards/M&M-StarAlliance], [Awards/SQ-StarAlliance], [Awards/NH-StarAlliance], [Awards/JL-OneWorld], [Awards/AC-StarAlliance], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam], [Awards/AS-MultiAlliance] Method Issues
Resolved: Mobile Compaion Seat Map & Android App Issues
Resolved: [Seat Maps] Issues

Version 9.1.8 Release -- What's New: 22 Dec 2018
Enhanced: [Power Search] Weekday(s) Selection
Added support for limiting searches to specific day(s) of the week.
Updated: [Awards/JL-OneWorld] Method
Added support for new JL Variable Mileage Awards.
Updated: [Awards/DL-SkyTeam] Method
Added support for new DL SM Economy Basic Awards.
Updated: [Awards/NH-StarAlliance] Method
Added support for NH Premium Economy Awards.
Added: Air Dolomiti [EN] Award Availability
Added: Hawaiian Airlines [HA] Award Availability
Added: Air Italy [IG] Award Availability
Resolved: [Seat Maps] & [Flight Info] Issues
Resolved: [Awards/CX-OneWorld], [Awards/AF-SkyTeam] Method Issues
Resolved: PNR Manager Issues

Version 9.0.2 Release -- What's New: 24 Oct 2018
Updated: [Awards/CX-OneWorld] Method
Please refer to the Updated Method Info in the User Guide.
Updated: [Awards/AF-SkyTeam] Method
Added support for new FB Variable Mileage Awards [AF/KL/KQ/A5/JN].
New FB Password Requirements.
Updated: [Awards/AS-MultiAlliance] Method
Added support for new AS MP Variable Mileage Awards [AS].
New: Flight Number Filter Option
Added: Olympic Air [OA] Award Availability
Resolved: [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Awards/SQ-StarAlliance], [Awards/VS], [Awards/QF-OneWorld], [Awards/JL-OneWorld], [Awards/AC-StarAlliance], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam], [Awards/EY] Method Issues

Version 8.7.9 Release -- What's New: 14 Feb 2018
Transition: [Awards/SQ] Method to [Awards/SQ-StarAllince]
Support for additional airlines has been added to this Method.
Transition: [Awards/M&M] Method to [Awards/M&M-StarAllince]
Support for additional airlines has been added to this Method.
Updated: [Awards/QF-OneWorld] Method
Support for SMS Authentication has been added to this Method.
Updated: [Awards/JL-OneWorld] Engine
Updated: [Departures/Arrivals] Engine
Added: Bangkok Airways [PG] Award Availability
Added: Eurowings [EW] Award Availability
Resolved: [Operational Info], [Seat Maps] Issues
Resolved: [Awards/AF-SkyTeam], [Awards/VS], [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam], [Awards/AS], [Awards/AC-StarAlliance], [Awards/NH-StarAlliance], [Awards/VS] Method Issues

Version 8.5.9 Release -- What's New: 18 Aug 2017
Resolved: [Awards/SQ], [Awards/AC-StarAlliance], [Awards/NH-StarAlliance], [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Awards/QF-OneWorld], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam] Method Issues
Enhanced: [Operational Info] Function
Please also clear MSIE Cookies and restart the KVS Tool if necessary.
Added: Condor Flugdienst [DE] Award Availability
Added: WestJet Airlines [WS] Award Availability
Added: Juneyao Airlines [HO] Award Availability

Version 8.4.6 Release -- What's New: 05 Apr 2017
Resolved: [Awards/SQ], [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Awards/NH-StarAlliance] Method Issues
Resolved: [Awards/M&M] Method Reliability Issues
Resolved: Advanced Seat Maps Issues For Complex Cabin Layouts

Version 8.4.2 Release -- What's New: 01 Feb 2017
New: Enhanced Timetable
Also accessible via the Mobile Companion.
Updated: [Awards/M&M] Engine
Numeric Award Availability and LH Premium Economy Awards.
Added: Jet Airways India [9W] Award Availability
Resolved: [Awards/NH-StarAlliance] Method Issues
Resolved: [Operational Flight Info] Function Issues
Resolved: AC PNR Issues

Version 8.3.8 Release -- What's New: 12 Jan 2017
Added: Virgin America [VX] Award Availability
New: Advanced Seat Maps
Also accessible via the Mobile Companion in graphical format.
New: SQ Premium Economy Awards

Version 8.3.4 Release -- What's New: 24 Nov 2016
New: [Awards/AZ-SkyTeam] Award Search Method
Supports Award Availability on SkyTeam carriers (AZ AF KL DL SU OK RO AM UX AR KE MU CZ CI VN) + [EY VA JU] + [AB]
Updated: [Awards/VS] Engine
Resolved: [Awards/BA-OneWorld] Method Issues
This Method is now also accessible to Windows XP and CrossOver Mac/Linux users.
Resolved: [Awards/CX-OneWorld], [Awards/NH-StarAlliance], [Awards/QF-OneWorld] Method Issues
Restored: [Timetable] Method Access
Resolved: [Enhanced Seat Map], [SeatGuru], [RouteHappy] Option Issues
Enhanced: Data Transfer Performance

[Fares/GOL] Method Fare Basis Display Currently Unavailable  
Version 8.1.9 Release -- What's New: 01 Sep 2016
Added: JL Award Availability Via [Awards/JL-OneWorld] Method
Resolved: [Awards/QF-OneWorld], [Timetable], [Awards/AF-SkyTeam], [Awards/AS-MultiAlliance], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam], [Awards/M&M], [Awards/NH-StarAlliance], [Awards/SQ] Method Issues

Version 8.0.6 Release -- What's New: 12 May 2016
Resolved: [Awards/M&M], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam], [Awards/BA-OneWorld] Method Issues
Added: Specific Date Timetable Search
Resolved: LO PNR Issues

Version 8.0.1 Release -- What's New: 17 Feb 2016
Resolved: [Awards/CX-OneWorld], [Awards/AS-MultiAlliance], [Awards/VS] Method Issues
Resolved: AC/RJ/BR PNR Issues

Version 8.0.0 Release -- What's New: 20 Jan 2016
Resolved: [Awards/NH-StarAlliance] Method Issues
Resolved: AA/TK/SV/TG/QR PNR Issues

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