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Privacy & Security:
  • The Tool does not contain any adware, spyware, or similar revenue-generating junk.
  • Your requests (queries), including the login credentials (where applicable), are transmitted directly to the corresponding websites, and the resulting responses come back directly to your machine, just like when using any other web browser.
  • Secure (HTTPS) connections are used for transmission of sensitive data, such as login credentials, wherever possible.
  • Saved Membership Credentials are stored locally on your machine, as with any other web browser.
  • Membership data is securely stored in an encrypted off-line database.
  • Any contact and other info, provided by you, will be used to maintain your membership account and contact you with regard to the Tool.

Digital Signature (Optional):
To be able to verify the authenticity of the downloaded files, you can install the Digital Certificate by following these steps:
  1. Thumbprint Root Certificate File
    5D9AA7AB 803119DD 2165158E FF053A3A 649F5365 [Download]

  2. Save the .CER file to a temporary folder, then open it from there.

  3. Click [Install Certificate] on the Certificate Info screen. The Certificate Import Wizard should lanuch.
  4. When prompted, select the [Place Certificate in the following store] option, click [Browse], and select [Trusted Root Certification Authorities].
  5. After verifying that the [Thumbprint] shown matches the above, answer [Yes] on the Warning dialog.
Once the Digital Certificate has been installed on your machine, you can verify the authenticity of the downloaded files:
  • Click [Download] on the Tool's homepage

  • Select [Save To Disk] when prompted
  • Locate the downloaded setup file in Windows Explorer
  • Right-click and select Properties, then Digital Signatures
  • Select the signature from the list and click Details
  • If the downloaded file is authentic, This digital certificate is OK and Name: KVS Tool Code Signer will be displayed

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