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Scenario Using the KVS Tool Using a Consumer Booking/Airline Website
You are interested in planning a multi-city trip, maximizing your mileage accumulation on an upcoming trip or are planning a Mileage Run. Click the [Fares] Tab and select the [Fares/UNAP] Method. Right-click the fare list, select [View Routing Rules] and enter the Fare Basis Code (which can be obtained from your booking source or ITA Matrix) to see the applicable Routing Rules to find the longest possible routing.

Please see the Airfare/Trip/Mileage Run Planning Basics for details.

Traditional booking/airline websites are designed to minimize the number of flights/connections.
You are looking to redeem your frequent flyer miles for Award flights or upgrades on partner airlines. Click the [Awards/Upgrades] Tab and select the Method that corresponds to airline, for which you are redeeming.

KVS Tool features 100% OneWorld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam Award Availability Coverage.

To determine the correct Method(s) to use, please consult the Award/Upgrade Booking Classes Table in the KVS Tool User Guide.

Partner Award Availability is typically not available online (or is only available for a limited number of partner airlines). A telephone call is required to check Award Availability. The process is usually tedious and prone to human error.
You want to know where flight XY 123 is flying from/to.

You want to know the reason(s) for flight delay/cancellation/diversion.

Click the [Track] Tab, select [Operational Info], and enter the Date, Airline Code, and Flight Number. Information is typically much more limited in detail.
You would like to see the Seat Maps for a specific flight. Click the [Timetable] Tab and retrieve the schedule for the route of your flight

Double-click the flight and select a [Seat Map] option.

Support varies from one website to another. Many carriers do not show Seat Maps until after the actual flight purchase.
You are planning a complex multi-segment Award trip and need to know if your proposed routing is valid. Click the [Reference] Tab, select [Maximum Permitted Mileage/MPM], and enter the proposed routing. Functionality is not available.
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