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Version 8.2.2 Release -- What's New: 20 Sep 2016
Restored: [Awards/BA-OneWorld] Method Access
Resolved: [Enhanced Seat Map], [SeatGuru], [RouteHappy] Option Issues
Resolved: [Awards/CX-OneWorld] Method Issues

Version 8.1.9 Release -- What's New: 01 Sep 2016
Added: JL Award Availability Via [Awards/JL-OneWorld] Method
Resolved: [Awards/QF-OneWorld], [Timetable], [Awards/AF-SkyTeam], [Awards/AS-MultiAlliance], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam], [Awards/M&M], [Awards/NH-StarAlliance], [Awards/SQ] Method Issues

Version 8.0.6 Release -- What's New: 12 May 2016
Resolved: [Awards/M&M], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam], [Awards/BA-OneWorld] Method Issues
Added: Specific Date Timetable Search
Resolved: LO PNR Issues

Version 8.0.1 Release -- What's New: 17 Feb 2016
Resolved: [Awards/CX-OneWorld], [Awards/AS-MultiAlliance], [Awards/VS] Method Issues
Resolved: AC/RJ/BR PNR Issues

Version 8.0.0 Release -- What's New: 20 Jan 2016
Resolved: [Awards/NH-StarAlliance] Method Issues
Resolved: AA/TK/SV/TG/QR PNR Issues

Version 7.9.8 Release -- What's New: 10 Dec 2015
Resolved: [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Departures/Arrivals] Method Velocity Exceeded/CAPTCHA Issues
Updated: [Awards/SQ], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam] Engines
Resolved: [Awards/CX-OneWorld], [Awards/AF-SkyTeam] Method Issues

Version 7.9.1 Release -- What's New: 20 Oct 2015
Updated: [Awards/AF-SkyTeam] Engine
Resolved: [Awards/EY], [Fares/GOL], [Awards/JL-OneWorld] Method Issues
Resolved: [Enhanced Seat Map] Issues
Resolved: AY/A3/EK/9W/1P/1F PNR Issues
Resolved: [TIMATIC Visa] Hyperlink Issues

Version 7.8.9 Release -- What's New: 03 Sep 2015
Updated: [Awards/AC-StarAlliance] Engine
Resolved: [Awards/AS-MultiAlliance], [Departures-Arrivals], [Awards/NH-StarAlliance] Method Issues

Version 7.8.6 Release -- What's New: 03 Aug 2015
Resolved: [Awards/AS-MultiAlliance], [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam], [Awards/AF-SkyTeam], [Awards/SQ] Method Issues
Transition: [Awards/CX-OneWorld] PIN to Password
New Asia Miles/MPC password formats are now supported
Updated: [Departures/Arrivals] Engine
Resolved: AY/RJ/SV PNR Issues
Resolved: Airport/Airline List Issues on Asian-Language Systems

Version 7.7.7 Release -- What's New: 30 Apr 2015
Updated: [Awards/NH-StarAlliance] Engine
Please review the Updated [Awards/NH-StarAlliance] Method Info.
Resolved: [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Awards/QF-OneWorld], [Fares/GOL], [Awards/AC-StarAlliance] Method Issues
Resolved: LO PNR Issues

Version 7.7.4 Release -- What's New: 02 Jan 2015
New: Aircraft Type Filter Option
Resolved: [Awards/DL-SkyTeam] Method Issues
Transition: [Awards/StarAlliance] PIN to Password
Please review the ANA Web Password Transition Info.

Version 7.7.3 Release -- What's New: 11 Dec 2014
New: [Awards/AS-MultiAlliance] Multi-Alliance Award Search Method
Supports Award Availability on OneWorld carriers (AA BA QF) + SkyTeam carriers (DL AF KL KE AM) + [EK FJ] + [AS 7H KS]
Resolved: [Awards/SQ], [Awards/CX] Method Issues
Replacement: [Fares/GOL] Method
The [Fares/PSH] Engine no longer exists.

[Availability] Tab Currently Unavailable 13 Nov 2014
Please use the KVS Tool Mobile Companion for Regular Availability.
Version 7.5.0 Release -- What's New: 01 Oct 2014
Decommissioned: [Availability/FS] & [Availability/ETR] Methods
These Engines no longer exist.
Please use the KVS Tool Mobile Companion for Regular Availability.
Resolved: [Awards/M&M] Method Issues
Added: SU/BR PNR Support
Added: Currency Exchange Rates Reference Option

Resolved: [Awards/BA-OneWorld] Method Issues 15 Aug 2014
Be sure to upgrade to the latest version (8.2.2).
Version 7.4.1 Release -- What's New: 25 Jul 2014
Added: Air India [AI] Award & Upgrade Availability (Star Alliance)
Resolved: [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Awards/QF-OneWorld], [Availability/FS] Method Issues
Added: QR/JJ/AB/AS/DL PNR Support

KVS Tool Is 10 Years Old! May 2013
Version 7.3.8 Release -- What's New: 05 Jun 2014
Added: Sri Lankan Airlines [UL] Award & Upgrade Availability (OneWorld)
Resolved: [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Awards/AF-SkyTeam] Method & MH/AA PNR Issues

Version 7.3.6 Release -- What's New: 04 Apr 2014
Transition: US Airways [US] & TAM Airlines [JJ] (Star Alliance to OneWorld)
Enhanced: [Availability/FS] Arrival Date Indicators
Resolved: LX PNR Issues

Version 7.3.5 Release -- What's New: 03 Mar 2014
Added: Garuda Indonesia [GA] Award Availability (SkyTeam)
Enhanced: Filtering Options, [Availability/FS] Arrival Date Indicators
Resolved: [Awards/BA-OneWorld] Method & LH/LO/IB PNR Issues

Version 7.3.3 Release -- What's New: 14 Dec 2013
New: 30-Day/6-Month Award Availability Power Search
Added: Qatar Airways [QR] Award & Upgrade Availability (OneWorld)
Resolved: [Awards/EY], [Availability/GTC], [Awards/BA-OneWorld, [Awards/CX], [Awards/EY], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam], [Availability/FS] Method Issues

Version 7.2.3 Release -- What's New: 26 Jun 2013
Added: EVA Air [BR] Award Availability (Star Alliance)
Resolved: [Awards/AF-SkyTeam], [Awards/VS], [Awards/CX], [Awards/QF-OneWorld] Method Issues

Version 7.2.0 Release -- What's New: 22 May 2013
Resolved: [Fares/DRS] Method & DL PNR Issues
Added: Emirates [EK] Award Availability
Added: Jetstar/Valuair [JQ/3K/GK/VF] Award Availability

Version 7.1.7 Release -- What's New: 27 Feb 2013
Resolved: [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Fares/DRS], [Awards/AF-SkyTeam], [Awards/StarAlliance], [Awards/EY], Method Issues
Added: Malaysia Airlines [MH] Award Availability (OneWorld)

Resolved: [Awards/BA-OneWorld], [Awards/M&M], [Awards/SQ] Method Issues 13 Dec 2012
Be sure to upgrade to the latest version (8.2.2).
Version 7.1.0 Release -- What's New: 30 Nov 2012
Resolved: [Availability/FS], [Awards/StarAlliance], [Awards/AC-StarAlliance], [Awards/SQ], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam] Method Issues
Added: Copa [CM], Avianca [AV], TACA [TA], Avianca Costa Rica [LR], Shenzhen [ZH] Award Availability (Star Alliance)
Added: Air Berlin [AB], FlyNiki [HG] Award Availability (OneWorld)
Added: MEA [ME], Saudia [SV], Aerolineas Argentinas [AR], Shanghai [FM], Xiamen [MF] Award Availability (SkyTeam)

Version 7.0.8 Release -- What's New: 25 Oct 2012
Resolved: [Awards/StarAlliance] & [Awards/M&M] Method Issues
Added: Korean Airlines [KE] Award Availability & Graphical Seat Maps
Added: MH/SV PNR Support
Resolved: UA/AA/DL/AZ/S7/EK/9W PNR Issues

Version 7.0.4 Release -- What's New: 24 Aug 2012
Resolved: [Fares/PSH], [Awards/AC-StarAlliance], [Awards/AF-SkyTeam], [Awards/JL-OneWorld] & [Awards/VS] Method Issues
Resolved: Enhanced Seat Maps Issues
Added: SQ/KL/KQ/SK PNR Support

Version 7.0.0 Release -- What's New: 16 May 2012
New: [Awards/StarAlliance-7D] Method
7-Day Star Alliance Award Availability Search
New: Interline Booking Classes Lookup
Added: Virgin Australia [VA] Award Availability
Resolved: [Availability/FS] & [Awards/AC-StarAlliance] Method Issues
Enhanced: Seat Maps - Text
Preferred Seats Availability Indicators
Resolved: Graphical Seat Maps For AC Issues

Version 6.9.9 Release -- What's New: 18 Apr 2012
Resolved: [Fares/DRS] Method Premium Cabin/RTW Fares Issues
Enhanced: [Awards/JL-OneWorld] Method:
Numeric Award Availability For BA/AA
Added: Graphical Seat Maps For KL
Resolved: PNR Manager Issues Retrieving LH/LO/A3/AY/EK PNRs

Version 6.9.7 Release -- What's New: 20 Mar 2012
Enhanced: [Awards/QF-OneWorld] Method Per-Segment Availability & Mixed Cabin Handling
Added: AF/KL "Europe Classic" Awards Support for FB members

Version 6.9.4 Release -- What's New: 30 Jan 2012
New [Fares/FC] Beta Method replaces [Fares/TVN]
Resolved: [Awards/M&M], [Awards/DL-SkyTeam], [Awards/JL-OneWorld], [Seat Map: Text] & [ITA Query Builder] Issues
Added: LO/AY/9W PNR Support
Added: Time option for the [Awards/CX] Method
Enhanced: DL SM Award Level (xX) Automatic Decoder functionality for the [Awards/DL] Method

Version 6.8.1 Release -- What's New: 24 Nov 2011
New [Awards-Upgrades/EY] Method:
Etihad Airways [EY] Award & Upgrade Availability
Resolved: [Awards: BA-OneWorld] & [Fares/PSH] Method Issues

Version 6.7.0 Release -- What's New: 20 Oct 2011
New [Departures/Arrivals] Method under the [Timetable] Tab:
Current & Historical Flight Information for Scheduled & Low Cost Carriers.
Expanded: Seat Reviews Options
New Dynamic Tab-Specific Results Display
Resolved: System Code permanence issues for Mac/CrossOver & Linux/Wine users

Version 6.5.0 Release -- What's New: 01 Sep 2011
New [Awards/JL-OneWorld] Method:
Additional Engine for CX/QF Numeric Award Availability
Resolved: [Awards/AF-SkyTeam] Method Issues

Version 6.4.0 Release -- What's New: 01 Aug 2011
[Awards-Upgrades/CO] Method replaces [Upgrades/CO]:
Full CO Award & Upgrade Availability
New Interline Agreements [IET] Reference Feature
Resolved: [Fares/TVN] Method Issues Resolved: PNR Manager: TG Issues

Version 6.3.0 Release -- What's New: 18 Jul 2011
[Awards-Upgrades/CO] Method replaces [Upgrades/CO]:
Full CO Award & Upgrade Availability
New [Awards/VS] Method:
VS Award & Upgrade Availability
Resolved: [Availability/GTC] Method Issues Resolved: ITA Query Builder Issues

Version 6.2.0 Release -- What's New: 10 Jun 2011
New [Awards/AC-StarAlliance] Method:
Additional Engine for Star Alliance Award/Upgrade Availability
New [Upgrades/CO] Method:
CO Upgrade/SWU Availability
Resolved: [Availability/GTC] Method Issues Enhanced: [My Trips] & [PNR Manager] Interfaces

Version 6.1.6 Release -- What's New: 23 May 2011
Enhanced Award Availability For Elite DL SM Members Specific Carrier Selection For [Awards/StarAlliance] Method
Connecting Point (Via) Support For [Availability/FS] & [Awards/StarAlliance] Methods ITA: Trip Duration Options (New), City Code Issues (Resolved)
Resolved: [Fares/DRS] MAN/NAN Support PNR Manager: IB (New), 1P/EK/SK (Resolved)
Launch Another Instance Feature TIMATIC: Double-Click Access For Hyperlinks (In [[ ]] Brackets)
Resolved: [Availability/FS] & [Awards/SQ] Method Issues Enhanced: [Awards/M&M] Method: Elite & Return Date Options

Version 6.1.2 Release -- What's New: 31 Mar 2011
Enhanced Fare Rules Displays With Quick Navigation Resolved: [Availability/GTC] Method Issues
Resolved: ShellExecute Errors affecting some Mac/Linux users Resolved: [Awards/CX] Method issues affecting some Asian-language systems

100% OneWorld Award Availability Coverage 03 Mar 2011
100% Star Alliance Award Availability Coverage
Full SkyTeam Award Availability Coverage, except KE.
Version 6.1.0 Release -- What's New: 03 Mar 2011
New OneWorld Award Availability Engine [Awards/OneWorld-BA]:
Numeric Award Availability for BA/QF/AA/CX/JL [New]/AY/IB/MA/RJ [New]/LA/S7 [New]
Youth/Student/Senior/Military Special Fares via the [Fares/DRS] Method
EK Support in PNR Manager
[Awards/OneWorld] Method now supports flights departing between 00:00-06:59
Resolved: [Awards-Upgrades/X1] Method Issues

Version 6.0.8 Release -- What's New: 05 Feb 2011
Graphical Seat Maps (CO/AA/DL/AF/AZ/AM/AS/VX)
US/TK/AZ Support in PNR Manager
Resolved: [Availability/GTC], [Fares/TVN], [Fares/DRS], [Awards/CX], [Awards/OneWorld], [Awards/DL], [Awards/M&M] & Enhanced Seat Maps Issues

Mac/Linux CrossOver Users 26 Jan 2011
KVS Tool is now listed in the CrossOver Compatibility Database, where you can share your experience/tips, submit votes, and open trouble tickets with CodeWeavers (relating to any compatibility issues).
Gift Memberships Now Available  
Why not to share the power of the KVS Tool with those less fortunate, who still rely on unreliable agents and limited websites? ;)
Version 6.0.0 Release -- What's New: 01 Dec 2010
New SkyTeam Award Availability Engine
Includes access to FB Elite & Flex Awards on AF/KL, as well as DL/AZ/OK/RO/KQ/UX/CZ/VN Award Availability.
New: 3-Tier/Extended Date Range SQ Awards
Resolved: [Awards/DL] Method & [Operational Info] Issues

Version 5.7.9 Release -- What's New: 08 Oct 2010
New: Connecting Airport Option For the [Availability/FS] Method
Resolved: SkyTeam Award Availability Issues For AF/KL using the [Awards/DL-SkyTeam] Method

Version 5.7.5 Release -- What's New: 16 Sep 2010
[Sort By] Setting for all Availability Methods. By default, non-stop flights will be shown first.
Instant Results Sorting (including multi-segment itineraries): Simply click a column heading to sort by airline, departure time, ultimate arrival time, number of connections, etc.
Simplified Update Process: Setup Downloads will start automatically
Codeshare Exclusion Option for the [Availability/FS] Method
Resolved: [Fares/PSH] Method Issues

New: KVS Tool Mobile Companion 01 Sep 2010
Including the KVS Tool Mobile Companion Web App for iPhone [Details].
Version 5.6.0 Release -- What's New: 25 Jul 2010
Enhanced Seat Maps with Blocked/Preferred indicators 1-click calls to the airlines via Skype integration
Date Calculator Improved Fare Rules Displays
Connection Time display Improved support for Star Alliance Award Availability on limited schedule routes

New: 100% Star Alliance Award Availability Coverage via [Awards/StarAlliance] 04 Apr 2010
LX/CA/FM award availability is now also supported by the [Awards/StarAlliance] Method. M&M members can continue to access preferred availability for integrated partners via [Awards/M&M].
Version 5.4.0 Release -- What's New: 08 Mar 2010
LX (Swiss) Awards/Upgrades via [Awards/M&M] Method Complete coverage for OneWorld award origins/destinations
Full Support For 3-Tier DL Awards via [Awards/SkyTeam] Method SITA Baggage Tracer, LH/LX PNR support via the My Bookings Manager

Half-a-Million+ FlyerTalk Thread Views 04 Dec 2009
The main KVS Tool Thread on has recently crossed a Half-a-Million Views mark!
Version 5.0.0 Release -- What's New: 09 Jun 2009
CX (Cathay Pacific) Award & Upgrade Availability Via [Awards/CX] [Availability/GTC] Availability Method
Fare Routing Rules Round-the-World (RTW) and Other Special Circle Fares Via [Fares/DRS]
Minimum Connection Time [MCT] Reference Info Lookup Maximum Permitted Mileage [MPM] Reference Info Lookup
Operational Info Visa/Immigration/Customs Information Via TIMATIC
ITA Fare Search Query Builder

Star Alliance, OneWorld, and SkyTeam Award Availability is here! 14 Nov 2007
See KVS Tool FAQ for details.

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